We all know that pests are damaging to your home and a cause of embarrassment if seen crawling around by a guest or visitor who drops by your home to see you. However, have you ever considered the effect pests have on your and your family’s health?

Understanding the threats that these types of infestations pose to your health is crucial. Cockroaches, rodents, and ants are the most common pests found in your home. It is chilling to think that you might be sharing your personal space with these pests, despite the health dangers they bring.

Below is a detailed run-through of the health risks associated with specific pests:


You might think that cockroaches are common insects found in everyone’s homes. Well, you’re wrong. They are only found in areas that are not thoroughly cleaned every day or dirty areas around the house. The National Institute of Environmental Health Science found that one-in-every-five children are severely allergic to cockroaches.

While some children may have mild reactions to cockroach allergens, others can develop severe problems, including asthma symptoms. Cockroach allergens found in the house are derived from droppings, cockroach saliva, and the dead, decomposing bodies of other pests.

These are not the only ways in which cockroaches can affect the health of your family. When a cockroach runs over and gets into food or cooking equipment, all its bacteria are transferred, contaminating everything that comes into contact with the surface. Cockroaches carry lots of different bacteria like E.coli and salmonella. The ingestion of these bacteria can lead to severe, as well as fatal illnesses.


If you have small gaps in your home, rats and mice can easily find their way through them. You might not notice, but they will leave droppings in isolated areas such as under baseboards, floor creaks, or along the back walls of a house.

These droppings cause severe allergic reactions in people. Since you cannot always find them, it may be hard to understand what causes the allergies. Droppings can also lead to serious, deadly diseases such as Hantavirus.

Carriers of several types of bacteria, the presence of rodents, leads to the contamination of food, cooking equipment, and surfaces, lining them with illnesses. Rodents are also responsible for bringing salmonella into your home, a very dangerous disease. Rodents are also known to climb chairs, tables, and beds. If a rodent bites you or any family member, immediately rush to the hospital as their bites lead to complications within the body.


While having pets such as dogs and cats are great, they attract fleas. Protecting, bathing, and taking care of the pets living in your home is the utmost priority, but it is also essential to recognize the threats that fleas pose to humans. Did you know that during the summer and warmer months, fleas will feed on any warm body that they find, regardless of human or animal?

Flea-bites are itchy, almost like mosquito bites. However, they can cause severe allergic reactions in some people. Since fleas feed on different bodies, they transfer illnesses and germs from one body to another. So, if fleas have fed on a rodent body before and then feed on you, they will be transferring germs found on the rodent’s body onto you. This will lead to more significant diseases and allergies.


Ants are fairly common pests found in a household. They can appear out of nowhere if you leave food, especially sweets, out for an hour or two. Since ants are social insects, if you spot one, know that others will be around.

While ants do not pose severe threats, they do cause food contamination. If you eat multiple meals a day in your home, there is a higher likelihood of contamination. Ingesting contaminated food has its own set of illnesses and diseases. In case of an ant infestation, make sure to find the source and contact a licensed pest control professional who can make sure that your home is free of any future infestations.


A different kind of pest, ticks can enter your home through your pets. It is also common to pick up ticks if you go hiking during the summer and warmer months.

The main threat that ticks pose is Lyme disease. This emerged as a severe health concern to humans in recent years. Typically transmitted by ticks between May to October, Lyme disease has been found in abundance in Northeastern, upper mid-western states of the United States. However, some cases have also been detected in the South.

If your home is located in a wooden area, beware of ticks. Symptoms include a bull’s eye rash around the tick bite, flu-like symptoms, and extreme feelings of fatigue.

Summer Pests that Sting (Bees, Yellow Jackets, Hornets)

Fact: Stinging insects are responsible for sending 500,000 people to the emergency room in hospitals each year. These pests are aggressive and persistent in nature. When they feel threatened by human beings, they string them to protect their colonies or larvae, trying to keep human infestation at bay.

When disturbed, they become aggressive and attack with repeated stings. This causes a potential risk of skin irritation, injury, and severe allergic reaction.

To get rid of these stinging pests, simply contact a pest control professional who will rid your house of future infestations and provide you with information that will allow you to keep yourself safe despite a potential insect bite.

Looking for a Pest Extermination Company?

If you find your house is infested with rodents, cockroaches, stinging insects, ticks, ants, or fleas, you must contact a professional pest control company to get rid of all infestations and prevent future ones.

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