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A common misconception is that carpenter ants are only found in decaying wood. We have dealt with cases of carpenter ants in homes that are only a couple of months old. The most common indication of a carpenter ant problem is actually seeing them in your home- if this happens to you Give us a call!

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Carpenter Ant Services in Brunswick, Maine

In the State of Maine we have the black carpenter ant and the red carpenter ant. They earned the name of carpenter ant because of their ability to tunnel through and excavate wood. Other than color, their mode of operation and size are similar, however the black carpenter ant is the most common. Carpenter ants are one of the larger ants in Maine.

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Carpenter Ant Description

Carpenter ants work in colonys and are very social insects.  These ants can range from 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch.The worker ants are sterile, wingless females and are the smallest residents of the colony. The worker ants not only gnaw at wood to create the living space for their colony but also gather food and water to feed them. 

In 2 to 5 years, a colony with a good supply of food may form a mature colony with both winged males and females.  In Maine, a 3/4 inch long, wingless ant is probably a queen carpenter ant. Once they’ve shed their wings they look for wood structures to start their own colony or join an exisiting new one.  The queen that starts a new colony lays about 30 eggs and cares for the larvae until they are adult workers. This new generation of workers takes over the various chores in the colony and the queen’s full-time job becomes egg laying. The closer a forest with rotten logs is to a community, homes, or buildings the more likely you are to have a carpenter ant infestation. 

It is important to always keep surfaces clean, dishes put away, and food sealed due to the fact that the closer water and food supplies are to the nest, the faster an ant population increases. This can lead to more damage within your home much faster. It is the ant colonies act of tunneling that damages or weakens wooden structures.

There are many reasons an infestation might begin but some of the most common are water leaks around the chimney, roof valley, gutter, window, door frame, or space under wooden floors when there is no basement. Kitchen and bathrooms are also common areas of infestation due to leaks in a water pipes or waterheating system provides the moisture the ants love. If you use firewood and bring it indoors it is always best to check the wood for ant infestation so they do not find their way into your home!

Many may think that carpenter ants actually eat the wood they tunnel through however this is untrue. After tunneling they deposit the wood fragments outside the nest. These fragments or (frass) may or may not be seen by the home owner but can also be an indication of ant infestatiton if noticed. Frass is often stored in attics or inside the walls between the studs where it will not be noticed at all.

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