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We are all too familiar with the dread that comes with finding a hornets nest attached to your home or somewhere on your property. We fear the painful stings and many suffer with allergies that can be life threatening. When you notice a wasps nests- don’t try to handle it yourself. Give us a call. 

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Hornet & Wasp services in Augusta, Maine

Hornets tend to nest in trees, bushes, roofs, and the eaves of houses & buildings. They average 1 1/4 inches long. Nests consist of mostly females and defend their nests with the stingers which is the main reason humans fear them. Not only do they hurt, but people are commonly very allergic to their stings. It can be extremely dangerous attempting to remove a nest by yourself. Multiple stings can be life threatening in some scenarios. If you know or suspect you have a wasps nest on your property- give us a call immediatly. We will handle it timely & safely. 

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Commonly live in dark, warm, and wet spaces like basements, sewers, drains, and pipes. Common in both residential & commercial properties.

Carpenter Ants

Nests in both moist and decaying wood as well as brand new wood structures.  Found in structures like chimmneys, windows, and doorframes.


Pose a health risk for humans & pets. Commonly found outdoors. They tend to nest along trails and woodlines. 


Common rodents found in homes include squirrels, chipmunks, mice, rats, and more.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are commonly found is residential spaces but can also be found in hotels. They do not commonly spread disease however you will notice red itchy welts.

Bug Identification

Not sure what type of insect you are dealing with? We can help you with our bug identification services. 


Commonly found nesting in trees, bushes, and the eaves and roofs of buildings. Hornet nests can be extremely alarming and dangerous especially if a family member is allergic. 

Other Common Pests

We like to identify a few of the most common pests on our website. However we are a full service pest control company meaning we will help you identify and service any rodent or insect- just give us a call.

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