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It is no secret the health risk that certain ticks pose on individuals and their families today. Especially in Maine the rate of tick bourne diseases continues to rise. It is not only important but crucial that you take nessacary measures to protect yourself and your loved ones. We can handle this for you- give us a call today. 

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Tick Services in Sabattus, Maine

The adult tick has eight legs. Ticks can feed on a variety of animals including birds, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. Tick encounters have been increasing recently due to more people getting out and enjoying nature, more landscaping favorable to tick habitat being incorporated into public areas, and the influx and spread of the deer tick. Because ticks are efficient feeders and tenacious once attached, there is potential for transmitting disease. With the increasing incidence of Lyme disease, Mainers should be in the habit of doing tick checks after frequenting tick territory. Protect you and your family today- give us a call.

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Tick Description

Ticks go through many stages in their life and change hosts throughout their lifetime. They will climb plants to attach to animals or taller hosts. They can survive for months before attaching to a host. Female adult ticks can feed for up to a month. 

It is important to do regualr tick checks during tick season. Ticks can be found on humans in tight warm spaces like behind the ears, hair lines, and in the armpits- but be sure to check everywhere. When it comes to dogs they tend to attach to the upper legs, shoulders, and ears. It takes five to six hours for a tick to become firmly attached and up to ten days for it to become fully engorged with blood. In order for a female to lay eggs they must have had a blood meal- ticks can live up to a year without a meal. 
The deer tick (Ixodes scapularis) is a small tick mostly inhabiting the coastal areas Maine including most cities within Cumberland and York County.  This is the tick to watch for as it is known for transmitting lyme disease. Common symptoms of lyme disease are a rash and flu like symptoms. Untreated cases may lead topossible neurological problems and arthritic conditions. Two factors to keep in mind are that not all deer ticks carry Lyme disease causing spirochete (bacterium) and, a tick must remain attached to the host for at least 24 hours in order to infect the host. For more information on deer ticks and Lyme Disease, refer to the Public Health Fact Sheet entitled: “Lyme Disease in Maine”, available from the Pest Management Office, Forest & Insect Disease Lab and the Bureau of Health.

American dog ticks, also known as Dermacenter variabilis and wood ticks, are larger than deer ticks This tick is of the most common ticks found in the state of Maine. The highest populations of the wood tick are found in southern Maine – in Oxford County and surrounding areas. However, ticks have turned up recently in great abundance in northern areas of Maine farther than Oxford County and into Kennebec County. Wood ticks can also spread certain tick bourne illness other than Lyme disease however it is less common to contract an illness from these ticks. American Dog ticks are most likely to be found in open areas with tall grass or brush. Adults are first noticed in late April and remain to abundant through June. After this season the number of these ticks decline but they are still present throughout the year.

    Tick Management

    Unfortuantly Ticks can only be controlled to a limited extent. The easiest and most effective way to prevent tick attachment is to wear clothing with full sleeves and pants that tighten around wrists and ankles, and utilize repellent on exposed areas of skin. Be sure to do thorough checks of yourself and family members after being out in wooded areas or open fields with tall grass. 

    Keep brush and grass around your home cut short. Keep stray dogs out. Keep pets out of tick infested areas. They have Repellent pet collars and preventative medications that may help keep pets tick free. Infested pets can be freed of ticks with an insecticide available from pet shops but it is best to consult with your veterinarian about what steps to take if you find a tick on your pet. To remove an attached tick, grasp the tick close to the point of attachment and exert a slow and steady pull. The tick will eventually disengage and then be sure to disinfect the bite site.

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