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Keeping insects out of your home is not an easy task. Insects, it seems, appear out of nowhere. They like to eat everything, including you, if you aren’t wearing any insect repellent.

There are many easy steps you can take to insect-proof your home from the outside. These include:

Yard Clean-Up

Cleaning up your yard by removing all kinds of clutter such as leaves, grass clippings, and fallen fruit or vegetable from around the foundation of your home can attract fewer insects. It is important to clean out the window wells, as well as the drainage guttering.

Another way to insect-proof your home from the outside is by placing prune shrubs and tree limbs close to the house to eliminate insects’ entry points.

Pest Resistant Trash Receptacles

To make sure that pests and insects stay away from your home, use pest-resistant trash receptacles. Make sure that the lids open and close automatically and have a tight seal. This will ensure that the trash never stays open as open trash attracts insects.

Dumpsters contain all the garbage from inside your home, as well as outside. Hence, it is important to steam clean them frequently to get rid of any lingering odor or bacteria that can potentially attract insects.

Pest-Proof the Compost Bin

There is no denying that composts bins are the number one reason why insects and pests are attracted to a home. However, all you need to do is maintain the bin and pest-proof it. Make sure not to compost any meats, fish, bones, oils, fatty foods, or manure (dog or cat).

By burying the food waste into the center of the compost pile, insects will not be able to smell anything. Make sure that each layer of compost is slightly damp and turn or poke little holes into the pile every few days so that no insect or pest nests there. A proper technique is to harvest the finished compost at the bottom of the compost bin every few months.

Keep Birds and Bats

Did you know that birds and bats are fantastic predators of insects and pests? Encourage them to visit your home every now and then by planting trees or scrubs where they can build their nests and raise their families.

Another way is to provide birds and bats with food and a source of fresh water. Both these things should be kept in someplace that they can easily find.

Maintenance Checks

While it is close to impossible to remember to regularly check the outside of your home after a long, hard day at work, it is also key to ensure minimal insect activity.

You need to walk around and inspect areas in your yard where prior insect or pest activity has been noticed. While you are making your routine rounds, ensure that all pest-proofing measures are intact and doing their job.

Pest Control Provider

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