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Owning a boat is a big investment. It means that you will do everything in your power to protect it. After all, you want to keep it in mint condition, right?

The sad part is that even with proper regular maintenance, there’s only so much you can do. One thing most people don’t take into account is the appearance of pests. Pests can ruin the quality of your boat, camper, and vessel faster than you’d imagine.

Why Protecting Your Property from Pests is Crucial

Pests, including rats and mice, can wreak havoc in your homes, recreational vehicles, as well as in your boats. Since mice and rats are intelligent, flexible creatures, they can fit almost anywhere. Hence, keeping these pests out can become a nuisance.

Pests like rats and mice are not only unsanitary, but they also cause loads of damage to your property. They chew through things and create uneven holes in your seats, gnaw wood, leave smelly droppings, bring in viruses and diseases, and damage entry and exit points. If you store food on your boat, you’ll find the boxes and containers chewed through, and the food nibbled on as well.

Ways to Store Your Boat and Campers to Keep Pests Out

There’s no denying that it is difficult to store your boat and camper in a way that pests do not invade and destroy them. However, it is not impossible. Here’s what you can do:

Maintain Cleanliness

Have you ever heard the phrase “prevention is better than cure?” This means that one of the best things you can do is store your boat and campers properly so that they do not get damaged. Keeping your boat clean and cleaning up spilled drinks, crumbs of food, and properly sealing left-over food is the key to prevent pests from raiding your property.

If you find any lingering smell in your boat, it is best to find the source of it and make sure your boat smells neutral before you store it for the night. Odors also play an important role in attracting pests and animals.

Think about it this way: you would have to clean up your boat eventually anyway, right? Instead of cleaning all spills and messes seasonally, clean all the floors and surfaces inside your boat at the end of each day. Not only will this save you more work later, but it will also help reduce pests and discourage them from wrecking your boats and campers.

Before storing your boat for the winter, it is best to deep clean it. To ensure that you did not miss anything on the deck, you can pressure wash the carpet or vinyl flooring. Don’t forget to clean out all cubbies and storage areas to prevent pests from coming in.

Ultrasonic Sound Devices

Commonly used in backyards and gardens to scare away scavenger animals, people are using ultrasonic devices to deter animals from marine environments as well. These devices emit ultrasonic sounds that cannot be heard by the human ear. However, they are audible to certain animals and pests, including pests and rats.

All you have to do is select an area for where you want to keep your device. Make sure that it is placed in the intruder’s activity area. The benefit of ultrasonic devices is that no chemicals or pesticides are used, and you will not find any dead animals on your boat the next morning. Most devices come with a plastic construction that withstands all weather conditions, including rain, ice, and wind. However, if you have pets kept on your boat, check to see that the device does not bother them.

Pellet Repellents

A popular way to drive away pests is through the use of pellet repellents. Pellet repellents can be stored in your boat to deter pests. The best kinds are those that can be contained, instead of being sprinkled around. Pellet repellents that are meant to be sprinkled around can get annoying and be easily washed away with the slightest spill or rain.

Pellet repellents are great for storing in your boat, as well as outside your boat to guarantee that pests and animals will gnaw at any furniture or the campers.

Dryer Sheets

Have you ever put mothballs in your winter coat to ensure that pests do not come near it? Similarly, you can use mothballs on your boat too! Heavily scented dryer sheets, mothballs, and strong peppermint soaps can help keep pests at bay.

Dryer sheets work in the same way as pellet repellents. All you have to do is cover your entire boat and campers using lots of dryer sheets. Don’t leave out your cubbies. Spread the dryer sheets throughout the deck. To make this process more fun, choose a scent you like. That way, your boat will smell nice when you come back to it in spring.

Winterizing Your Boat

If you plan on storing your boat and campers someplace for the winter, make sure to flush the engine with fresh water to get rid of salt, dirt, and corrosion. Then, refill the coolant system with antifreeze. Warm the engine up to loosen impurities, and don’t forget to lubricate all moving parts!

Before leaving your boat, ensure that you take the battery out and completely charge it. Coat the battery terminals with grease to avoid corrosion. Seal exhaust ports so that pests do not enter your boat and damage the campers. If possible, remove some materials from the interior, such as leather fabrics, to avoid mold and mildew.

Bottom Line

Storing your boat for the season can seem stressful, but if you ensure all the above, you don’t have to worry about pests or animals damaging your boat. To stay safe, it is best to contact a professional pest control service that can rid your boat of all existing pests and insects.

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