Mice are the biggest nuisance ever. They end up in your cars and in your home couped up in places you least expect. However, you don’t need to worry. There are many ways you can figure out if a mouse is living in your car. Here are the signs to look for:

1.   Car Issues

Some drivers do not manage to figure out that they have a rodent problem until their car fails to start or stop working correctly. This is usually caused because mice chew through the wires in the engine area. Mice and rats gnaw at any existing wires to sharpen their teeth.

Mice also tend to find new soy-based wire installation materials attractive. Modern cars are made up of complicated electrical systems, and of course, if the wires are chewed up, problems are bound to spring up.

2.   Faulty Upholstery

If the mouse has been living in your car for a while and likes the environment, it will try to build a nest using the surrounding materials. Lucky for the mouse, there are many things in the car that could work well for his new home.

If you randomly find holes in your seat’s foam or come across missing chunks of insulation, it is safe to assume that a mouse has made itself comfortable in your very own car.

3.   Droppings

Mouse droppings are hard to miss. If you find random tiny droppings in your car, it is safe to assume that you have a mouse problem that needs to be treated as soon as possible. Mouse droppings will mostly be found on your car’s seat, dashboard, and even the carpeting. Be careful when wearing new shoes!

4.   Odor

Odor in cars is a common problem. This could be due to some leftover food you forgot to pick up or from the mice that live in your car. If you have a pest problem, you will first start to smell some odor coming from the car’s air vents. This is because vents are common passageways that mice use to travel from the engine bay to the car’s interior. Vents also allow access to insulation and filter materials that mice love to dig into to build their nests.

If not cleaned out in time, you will start to smell a foul, musty odor. This is usually from mouse urine (yuck). If the smell is unbearable, it is safe to assume that you might have a dead mouse lying around somewhere in your car.

5.   Nest

The best and easiest way to confirm your suspicions is if you find a mouse nest in your car. If you are actively looking for one, start from your car’s airbox. This is where you will find the engine’s air filter. Because this part of the car is usually warm and protected, mice love to build their nests in it.

Slowly open the box and look for mice. Usually, this part of the car is clean and empty, so if a mouse resides there, you are bound to find it. Also, don’t forget to check the car’s plastic engine cover! You never know what these pesky creatures are up to.

Reasons Mice Nest in Cars

If you have strong suspicions that a mouse is living in your car, you might probably be right. Here’s why mice like to nest in cars:


For mice, safety is the top-most priority, especially when they are looking to build their nests. Your car is the best place to shield them from predators and uncomfortable environment factors. If your car has not been driven in a while, mice will be even more attracted to nest in it.


Usually, mice like to nest in places that are closest to a reliable food source. If you usually store pet food in the garage or park close to a dumpster, there are higher chances of mice entering your car.

Moreover, if you do not clean your car often and have crumbs of food always lying around, mice are more likely to be attracted. Hence, never leave trash for too long in your car!


Warmth is the number one attraction for mice, especially during cold winter months. If you usually drive your car every day, your engine will radiate heat for several hours. This is perfect for rodents who are looking to escape the cold and cuddle up in some warm place for the night(s).

Getting Rid of Mice

Here’s what you can do if you find mice lounging around in your car:

Turn Up the Heater

Mice do not like extreme temperatures. Funnily enough, they are just like humans in that way! If you find a mouse in your car, or even have suspicions, simply roll up its windows and park it out in the sun. This will make the mouse move out of your car eventually as it starts to look for another home.

Honk, Honk, Honk

Even though you are bound to receive some strange and rude looks from your neighbors, repeatedly honk your car’s horn and make as much noise as you possibly can. This loud noise will scare the mouse right out of its new home and prevent it from ever entering your car again.

Repellents are Your Best Friends

You will find multiple stores in your neighborhood that sell some form of mouse repellent. If you can’t find any such stores, simply use a cotton ball soaked in peppermint oil and place it in different positions in your car.


Not only are mousetraps great for keeping mice out of your home, but you can also place them inside your car. Set some traps in your car and pay special attention to the areas under the seat. That’s it! Say goodbye to unwanted visitors!


If you are still unable to get rid of the mice in your vehicle, don’t worry; we have you covered. AntsPluss can provide you with expert guidance on how to clean your car completely so that no mouse can ever nest there again. Call us today for more updates.