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It is part of our mission as a pest control company to keep our community safe when it comes to home pest invasion. One way we stand by this mission is publishing blogs that help to educate the home owners in our community. 

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Mice Could Live in Your Car

Mice Could Live in Your Car

Mice are the biggest nuisance ever. They end up in your cars and in your home couped up in places you least expect. However, you don’t need to worry. There are many ways you can figure out if a mouse is living in your car. Here are the signs to look for: 1.   Car...

Got Mice?

Got Mice?

Cute, fuzzy face? Do not fall for it. Mice and rodents are creatures that you definitely do not want lurking around in your home. Mice might look cute when they're scurrying down a path in a park, but that is not the case when they chew on your furniture, leave their...

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