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It is part of our mission as a pest control company to keep our community safe when it comes to home pest invasion. One way we stand by this mission is publishing blogs that help to educate the home owners in our community. 

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Winter Pests to Watch For

Winter Pests to Watch For

With winter soon underway, residents of Maine have to prepare to deal with new pests that come into homes to seek shelter, food, and warmth. If not dealt with early on, winter pests can be a nuisance. They multiply quickly, making it hard to control and eliminate them...

Identifying and Preventing Termite Damage

Identifying and Preventing Termite Damage

If you love your home in Maine, you no doubt want to protect it in any and all ways you can. One of the most important steps you can take to protect your home is identifying and preventing termite damage. There are many signs of termite damage and a few steps you can...

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