Ants are usually the first insects to become active each year as winter draws to a close. Now that the snow has already started to melt, you shouldn’t be surprised to notice ants of all shapes and sizes marching around the house. This is a good time to consider preventive pest control for summer ants.

What Are Summer Ants?

Summers ants is an umbrella term for a variety of different ant species that commonly come indoors in summer. Like all pests, summer ants, too, make for awful houseguests. They come unannounced, get into everything, and have no intent to leave. While many ant species do not really pose any health hazards, they can and will bite when encountered. 

This is why it’s essential to learn how to protect yourself from these tiny crawlers. Or better yet, keep them from coming indoors in the first place.

Tips to Get Rid of Summer Ants

As providers of effective pest control services in Maine, you can rely on these ant elimination tips from our experts.

Hide All Food Sources

The search for plentiful food sources is usually the main reason why ants take up residence inside homes. Ants feed on food crumbs, sugar, protein, and about any edible thing they can find. Therefore, eliminating food sources should be your first line of defense against summer ant infestation.

Seal all food containers and wipe the table and kitchen counters from time to time. Do not leave any leftovers lying around, especially at night. Clean any spills immediately, particularly sugary liquids like maple syrup, honey, and soda. Their sweet scent can attract ants from afar. 

Remember that ants can eat through paper and cardboard. Therefore, you must transfer cereals and other food items in similar packaging into food-grade air-tight containers.

In addition to proper food storage, you should also look into proper food disposal. Seal your trash bins and throw away fruit peels etc., in a tied plastic bag.

Keep Your House Clean

Elaborating on proper waste disposal, homeowners should keep their place clean in every sense of the word. Make it a habit to mop and vacuum regularly. Pay special attention to cleaning under carpets and furniture items. Dusting the furniture is extremely crucial if you or your kids frequently snack in the bed or on the sofas. 

Likewise, you should be wiping down all home surfaces every day during the summer season. You might have noticed that ants tend to move in defined ‘lines.’ If you think that’s strange, you are probably unaware that they are following a ‘scent trail’ created by the forager ants in their colony. Periodically wiping surfaces clears away this scent trail, making it difficult for ants to reach their desired food source or nesting area. 

Disinfectant wipes with a strong fragrance are generally more effective than a plain wet cloth. Therefore, try to use scented wipes for cleaning surfaces, especially kitchen countertops. 

Eliminate Moist Spots

Summer ants typically prefer living in damp areas. As such, bathrooms, basements, and the edges around windows require extra attention during this season. Thoroughly inspect your house for any leaks. If you find any, fix them without delay. 

Carpenter ants are particularly drawn to water-damaged woods as it is easier to tunnel through moist wood. This makes decks and patios more susceptible to an ant invasion. If you have been putting off water damage repairs till now, get them done instantly. 

Homeowners who leave the stash of firewood lying in or near the house are highly likely to find an ant infestation at their hands. Wood logs or stumps are prone to rot, and ants thrive in rotting wood. You should either remove all unused wood or cover it with a tarp to prevent pest problems. 

The Do’s and Don’ts of Summer Ant Prevention 

  • Do Try Diatomaceous Earth (DE) – DE is a fine white substance that looks a lot like powdered chalk. It is a naturally occurring crushed sedimentary rock that happens to be repulsive to ants. Drawing a circle from DE or lining it around potential entryways, including doors and windows, can help keep ants out.
  • Do NOT rely solely on ant bait – Ant baits are, no doubt, useful in getting rid of summer ants. However, their results are usually short-lived. Ants are quite smart for an insect of their size. They can identify over time if consuming something like ant bait is harming their colony and will, therefore, simply stop eating it.


Summer Ants Pest Control Services in Maine

While you follow these tips to prevent summer ants from coming indoors, keep in mind that ants are social insects. So, even if you notice one or two roaming around your place, it might be just a matter of time before hundreds follow them inside. 

Ants Plus Pest Control can help you implement an all-inclusive pest prevention plan that protects you and your house from all annoying creatures. For more info, get in touch with us now.