Many people believe that pests only show up in the hot, summer months. However, this is not true. There are pests you should look out for during the fall as well. Some fall pests can survive the cooler temperatures in the fall and winter months which means that you must be on the lookout for a possible infestation.

In this article, you will learn about the most common fall pests that could enter your home and destroy your property if you are not careful. These pests bring in diseases since they carry germs and bacteria, putting your family in danger. To ensure that your home remains a safe space, take precautions to make your house pest-free.

Fall Pests to Look Out For


You may have heard that termites are a major threat during the summer months. However, there are loads of subterranean termites who become active in the fall. 

Since termites thrive in moisture, they breed comfortably in cold and wet environments. This means if your house has lots of damp areas or your garden is full of moss, there are high chances that you will witness a termite infestation.


Earwigs are known to hate the weather as it cools down. They try to find their way beneath doors, between window sills, and even into bags coming into the house from the grocery store. 

Even though earwigs are not dangerous, they are extremely annoying. Moreover, they look scary since they have big pinchers attached at the bottom of their abdomen. Earwigs defend themselves from other insects and pests and are not known to attack first. However, if you get close enough that the earwig feels threatened, they will pinch you hard enough to teach you a lesson.


These versatile fall pests can be found in a number of environmental conditions. Of course, the fall season is not an exception.

Cockroaches are small little insects that can find their way into your house without you having a clue. Keep in mind that they are attracted to food, crumbs, and dark humid spaces. All the more reason to ensure that you clean your house every day and that any snacks are kept in an air-tight bag.


Everyone knows that silverfish are an absolute nuisance. Their slimy, long, slim bodies are hard to get a hold of, especially since they scurry away in a fish-type style. 

Even though silverfish are tiny, they reproduce extremely fast. This means that even if you have a few silverfish hidden away in your home, soon enough, you will find an entire haven in your bathroom, attic, or even basement. Keep in mind that silverfish destroy books, paper, pictures, and wallpaper. These fall pests can cause significant damage to your property if you are not careful.


Moths multiply in the fall and winter months and can be found in wool jumpers, grains, and cereal. They easily find their way around the house, especially if you have not stored pantry items properly.

Moths are attracted to leaves, plants, and trees, and can completely destroy your garden if you are not careful.

Stink Bugs

When focusing on fall pests, there is no way we can miss out on the stink bug. These smelly creatures are drawn to homes during the fall as they look for warmth and shelter. They usually feast on plants and fruits, entering your home through the garden.

When fall comes, these stink bugs anxiously look for a safe space to survive and breed in, especially when the temperature drops. Once they find a safe haven, they will stay there and multiply, producing a disgusting smell, till spring arrives. When killed, stink bugs emit a foul smell so make sure to get rid of them carefully.

Mice and Rats

During the fall months, mice and rats can cause loads of damage to your property. These annoying creatures can find their way through anything- cracks, water pipes, chimneys, entrances, and window sills. These fall pests will do anything to find a way into your home so that they can build their nests and stay close to sources of food.

It must be kept in mind that a mice infestation will lead to loads of damage on your property. They can build their nests in basements, attacks, and even in your home’s walls after which they start to multiply. They gnaw on electrical wires around the house, posing a risk of fire, and will also destroy the walls, leading to high repair bills. Moreover, rats and mice contaminate food as they carry diseases and traces of feces. This can lead to food poisoning and can result in hospital runs.

In case of an infestation, make sure to call pest control services as soon as possible!