A major step in life is when you decide to sell or buy a home. Of course, this is a hefty investment so you want to ensure that you do not make any mistakes. As a seller, you would want to receive the highest possible price for your house. Similarly, as a buyer, you want a good-looking house that is within your budget and does not have any pest problems that could make your life hell.

A pest infestation is likely to completely wreck the image of a home in the market. This is why ongoing pest control is essential for lived-in houses, as well as those for sale. When a house becomes empty for some period of time, pests realize that there is no one to stop them. This increases the population of rodents and cockroaches, leading to a full-blown infestation that can deter you from buying a house and others from buying your house.

Even though finding a cockroach scurrying across the wall during an open house is bad, it is worse when insect infestations start to wreck the foundation of a house. This is why when buying or selling a house, it is important to keep some pest control advice in mind.

Pest Control Advice when Buying a House

Check Each Point of Entry

When buying a house, you need to keep an eye out for every point of entry located in the house. The house you are looking at may seem great, but you do not know if there is a pest infestation. Points of entry will give you an idea about how old the house is and whether the foundation has been repaired in the past.

If there are cracks in the walls, window sills, or roof, you should be aware of a possible infestation in the future. This is because pests can fit through anything and will definitely find a way into your house.

Look for Droppings

If you have discovered several points of entry, it is now time to look for proof of an infestation. Of course, looking for droppings is not the greatest job in the world but it will tell you if there has been any recent activity in the house.

The best way to locate droppings is to look in the spaces around cracks and entry points. Try to see if there are any piles of dust or tiny pellets at odd spots in the house.

Notice the House Smell

When you walk into a house, the first thing you should notice is the way it smells. Of course, many people can disguise the smell by spraying loads of air freshener or lighting a strong candle. 

However, when taking a tour of the house, pay attention to the scent in the corners of the house. You should also look for odd stains. Keep in mind that if there is a mice infestation, you will find greasy marks on various surfaces. Go to the kitchen and sniff around- pests usually hide out there because of the constant supply of food. If there is an infestation, the kitchen will have an odd stink.

Pest Control Advice when Selling a House

Do Not Allow Pests to Enter Your Home

Selling a house is hard enough as it is. Before you put your house on the market, it is best to ensure that you do not have an ongoing pest infestation.

You can do this by ensuring that food and water are scarce so that pests are not attracted to your home. Remember, they will breed in places where they can find sustenance. Moreover, clean your house regularly so that pests do not invade it.

Seal Any Entry Point You Find

Every house that has been lived in for some period of time has some cracks here and there. However, if you want to keep pests out, the best thing to do is seal up these cracks so that there are no entry points from which pests can snuggle in.

You can use putty to seal up minor cracks. However, if you find bigger space in the foundation of your house, you may have to opt for harder material, such as metal.

Call Pest Control Services

The best way to look for an infestation is by calling in professionals. A pest control company will be aware of the exact signs of an infestation so they can survey your house and make changes as they go.

By doing this, you can put yourself at ease and ensure that there are no pests in your home. You can then confidently try to sell your house without worrying about a potential buyer seeing a cockroach running up the wall or a mouse scurrying into the kitchen.